What is Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Setlist in Order

The Eras Tour is the ongoing sixth headlining concert tour by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, commenced on March 17, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona, and is set to end on November 26, 2023, in São Paulo, Brazil. The tour consisted of 64 shows across North America and South America. For each of Swift’s 10 studio albums, the setlist is divided into acts that are classified by era.

It is made up of 44 songs divided into ten acts. The Eras Tour is a tribute to all of Swift’s studio albums so far, including her latest, Midnights (2022), and those that did not have a tour because of the COVID-19 pandemic: Lover (2019), Folklore (2020), and Evermore (2020). From the “Lover” era opener “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince” to the “Midnights” album cut “Karma” that closed the three-hour-plus musical marathon, Swift left almost no song possibilities unsung during the March kickoff of The Eras Tour at State Farm Stadium outside of Phoenix. This article contains all the information currently available about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour setlist, including the songs that will be performed, the total number of songs, and more.

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What is Setlist?

A setlist is a list of songs or musical pieces that an artist or band plans to perform during a concert or live performance. It serves as a roadmap for the order of songs and helps create a cohesive and engaging experience for the audience. Setlists are typically prepared in advance but can be adjusted or improvised during the performance based on the artist’s discretion or crowd response. The specific songs included in a setlist can vary from show to show, and artists often curate their setlists based on factors such as the theme of the tour, fan favorites, new releases, or the desired flow and energy of the performance.

How many songs will Taylor Swift perform on The Eras Tour?

An Eras Tour concert lasts for over three hours, and the set list consists of FORTY FOUR (44) songs divided into 10 distinct acts that rely on worldbuilding to portray Swift’s albums conceptually.


Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Setlist: All 44 songs on her epic Eras tour

The following is the set list from the first show of the tour on March 17, 2023, in Glendale. It is not intended to represent all shows.

Act I – Lover

  1. “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince”
  2. “Cruel Summer”
  3. “The Man”
  4. “You Need to Calm Down”
  5. “Lover” “The Archer”


Act II – Fearless

  1. “Fearless”
  2. “You Belong with Me”
  3. “Love Story”


Act III – Evermore

  1. “‘Tis the Damn Season”
  2. “Willow”
  3. “Marjorie”
  4. “Champagne Problems”
  5. “Tolerate It”


Act IV – Reputation

  1. “…Ready for It?”
  2. “Delicate”
  3. “Don’t Blame Me”
  4. “Look What You Made Me Do”


Act V – Speak Now

  1. “Enchanted”


Act VI – Red

  1. “22”
  2. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
  3. “I Knew You Were Trouble”
  4. “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”


Act VII – Folklore

  1. “Seven” (spoken interlude) / “Invisible String”
  2. “Betty”
  3. “The Last Great American Dynasty”
  4. “August”
  5. “Illicit Affairs”
  6. “My Tears Ricochet”
  7. “Cardigan”


Act VIII – 1989

  1. “Style”
  2. “Blank Space”
  3. “Shake It Off”
  4. “Wildest Dreams”
  5. “Bad Blood”


Act IX – Acoustic set

  1. First surprise song
  2. Second surprise song


Act X – Midnights

  1. “Lavender Haze”
  2. “Anti-Hero”
  3. “Midnight Rain”
  4. “Vigilante Shit”
  5. “Bejeweled”
  6. “Mastermind”
  7. “Karma”


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Images
Taylor Swift Eras Tour Images

What are Taylor’s most performed songs on tour?

Taylor Swift has performed a wide range of songs throughout her career, and the popularity of her songs can vary depending on the tour and era. However, there are several songs that have consistently been fan favorites and have been performed frequently during her tours. Here are some of Taylor Swift’s most performed songs on tour:

  1. Love Story
  2. You Belong with Me
  3. Shake It Off
  4. Blank Space
  5. Bad Blood
  6. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  7. I Knew You Were Trouble
  8. Delicate
  9. Style
  10. Wildest Dreams
  11. Red
  12. Mine
  13. Mean
  14. 22
  15. Fearless
  16. All Too Well
  17. Out of the Woods
  18. Look What You Made Me Do
  19. Gorgeous
  20. You Need to Calm Down

These songs have become staples of Taylor Swift’s live performances and are often met with enthusiastic responses from the audience. However, it’s worth noting that the specific setlist and song choices can vary from tour to tour, and Taylor Swift may also include new releases or reimagined versions of her songs in her performances.


In conclusion, the hypothetical setlist for Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” takes fans on a nostalgic and dynamic journey through her various musical eras. From the beloved hits of Fearless and 1989 to the introspective tracks of Folklore and Evermore, this setlist represents the evolution of Taylor Swift’s music and showcases her ability to connect with audiences through captivating performances and memorable songs. It would be a tour that celebrates her artistic growth and leaves fans eagerly wanting more.

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